Windy Windows (2008-)

The set of works Windy Windows consists of photographs whose theme is built to combine the internal and the external – psychic conditions, as well as the environmental and cultural atmosphere we live in. Self-reflexivity, different manifestations of the self, the passage of time, detachment, globalization and dialogues between industrial and organic are present in the works.


When I moved from Oulu to Helsinki in 2008, I left behind the faith of my childhood and early youth, Conservative Laestadianism, which had previously defined my self-image. At first, the apartment in Helsinki was practically empty. I started collecting furniture and other household items as I collected new experiences – and with the help of my camera, new photographs based on them. Consequently, the apartment in Helsinki has served me as a sanctuary ever since – a place to reformulate myself. The entity of works contains numerous photographs that were taken there during the past 15 years.


Windy Windows photographs were created by being attuned and susceptible to the meaningfulness and pictorial potential of everyday moments. I have also brought different performative elements and staging solutions into the photographs. Photography serves as a form of existential meditation for me – inhaling and exhaling.


The making and presentation of the work has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taike).