Scope (2015-2022)

The set of works Scope consists of photo-based works, a readymade-based installations, and a video essay.

The photo-based works hung on the walls are my photographs from 2015–2021, which, apart from two, I have distorted with the help of artificial intelligence. I have selected some areas in my photos, after which the tool I use has filled those selected areas with new pixel combinations imitating or trying to mimic the “reality” of the photos – as if suggesting that the image in the selected area could transform into this instead of the camera´s suggestion. The results are often surreally whimsical, disturbed and ruined.

The installation of readymade objects, brings together the technical communication devices or parts of them used by modern human, as well as organic elements such as pieces of wood. Using various methods, I have manipulated the technical equipment, altering their intended functions, usually to a seemingly broken state.

The title work of the exhibition is a video essay titled Scope (2020). It consists of programmed photographs, text, and music. At the beginning, “I” and “you” merge, after which the human mind seems to be in a somewhat fickle state. It flies impulsively to different countries and wanders about, surprising even itself, performing different actions and thoughts, and receiving and sending different messages.

Script, direction, photography, text and edit: Saku Soukka
Music: Tatu Rönkkö
Programming: Matti Hyvönen
Duration: 23 min. 45 sec.

The making and presentation of the work has been supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Frame Contemporary Art Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.



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