Window In-between (2009-2018)


Window In-between (2009-2018) is a video essay (63 min.) and collection of photograph works hanged on walls. The works visualize the relation in between human and urban environment – and the human relation to the self and other people – through a dialogue between inside and outside spaces. Separation, friendships, loveships, concept of home, advertising in public spaces and internet are present. Works are autobiographical in a way which is related to the term autofiction. The video essay is divided in four parts based on seasons. For the transformations of the photographs there was developed own kind of technic, which made possible to transform them in a certain way. It became slow breathing in and out – existential identity contemplation in which the mind is an ever-changing window. Photos, texts and sounds are wandering and drifting in different directions as the mind does. There is a glass-like surface between the inside and outside world, searching for its form.

During the year 2008 I moved from Oulu to Helsinki and left behind a religion where I was grown up (Conservative Laestadianism), and this set of works is connected to that period of my life when I lived ”new life in new place”. All the photographs of the whole are taken in Helsinki city.



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